Ring Size Calculator

Ring Size CalculatorWhether you’re buying an engagement ring, a wedding ring, an anniversary ring, or a ring for any other special occasion, the common dilemma of determining ring sizes has always been a concern. While not an exact science, measuring your ring size without visiting a jewelery store is possible. With our free ring size calculator, you can closely estimate your ring size in a few simple steps without ever leaving your house, in both US and UK sizes. Instead of using a ring sizes chart, we’ve made the process even easier and have turned our chart into a simple calculator. Our ring size calculator is based on several ring size charts and ring sizing guides from various sources.

While this is generally a fairly close estimate of your actual ring size, we always recommend double checking before you actually make an expensive purchase. If you’re purchasing a ring as a present and it’s a surprise, don’t worry as there are other ways of verifying his or her ring size without your loved ones finding out. Another common and reliable source for ring size information can often come from their friends and family. For example, before directly asking the bride, groom, girlfriend, or boyfriend, try asking their mother, father, or best friend. If you end up purchasing a ring that is too large or too small by a half-size or even a full size, a skilled jeweler can often slightly alter the ring size either smaller or larger. Before making an expensive ring purchase, always do your research on things like diamond shapes, cut, color, carat, and clarity.

Ring Size Chart and Calculator Instructions

1) Locate either a strip of paper, no thicker than ½”, or a piece of string.
2) Wrap your measuring device around the base of the finger that you are sizing.
3) Use a pen or pencil and place a mark on the string or paper at the point where it overlaps and creates a full circle.
4) Take a ruler and measure the length of the paper or string from the end to the mark you made, in millimetres. If you can’t measure in millimetres, simply convert your inches or centimetres measurement into millimetres.
5) Enter your measured size in our calculator and click “Calculate” to find your appropriate ring size. If you’re exact measurement isn’t on the list, choose the closest approximation available.

Ring Size Calculator

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