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New Calculator Update

Written by admin Tuesday, 12 February 2013 12:06

Online CalculatorsThe past few weeks of updates contain mostly new calculators and formulas for calculating the area of specific geometry shapes including: Circle Area Calculator, Ellipse Area Calculator, Equilateral Triangle Area Calculator, Parallelogram Area Calculator, Rectangle Area Calculator, Rhombus Area Calculator, Sector Area Calculator, Square Area Calculator, Trapezoid Area Calculator, and Triangle Area Calculator. Enjoy!

New Calculator Update

Written by admin Saturday, 5 January 2013 11:51

Online CalculatorsIt’s time for our first calculator update of 2013! This latest update is designed to satisfy the statisticians, financiers, and gamblers of the world. For your consideration, the following calculators are now online: Confidence Interval Calculator, Sample Size Calculator, Present Value Calculator, Future Value Calculator, and last but not least our Lottery Number Generator.

New Calculator Update

Written by admin Saturday, 24 November 2012 04:08

Free Online CalculatorsThat’s right everyone, it’s time for another overdue update. This week we have released the following new calculators: Square Root Calculator, Bra Size Calculator, and VAT Calculator. In addition, we’ve got 4-5 more new calculators in the works for the next week or two. Also, we have now announced the details of our 2012 Christmas Calculator Contest!

We’re Alive!

Written by admin Saturday, 18 February 2012 01:22

Free Online CalculatorsWell, we’ve been quiet for awhile but I’m happy to announce that we are indeed still alive! We’ve been busy the past few months working on a few other projects but I’m happy to announce we have a release of new calculators coming soon. Meanwhile, I trust you’re still diligently using the current lineup.