Batting Average Calculator

Batting Average CalculatorBatting average is a measure of a players batting performance in baseball and cricket. Batting averages are calculated differently in the two sports, so this calculator will refer to baseball. To calculate batting average all you need to do is divide the number of “at bats” by the number of hits. In baseball, a walk or base on balls is not considered an at bat.

For years players have used the average to compare a players hitting contributions. A batting average of over .300 is considered to be excellent and anything over .350 is almost unheard of by today’s standards. In fact, the highest career batting average held by an active player is .328 held by Albert Pujols. Only 25 players in baseball history have held a career batting average of over .330. Ty Cobb holds the record in this category with a .366 batting average over his 24 seasons in the league.

On the other end of the spectrum the lowest batting average for a career belongs to Bill Bergen who managed to hit for only a .170 average over 11 years. For current players a batting average of below .230 is considered poor. The all time batting average for the league is around .265. However, the batting average is not the best measure of a player’s contribution to a team’s offense. Measures such as “on base percentage” and “slugging percentage” have been developed in addition to the batting average to help better evaluate player’s ability and contribution to the team.

To calculate batting average simply enter the number of at bats and the number of hits obtained into the form fields below. Click calculate and our calculator will quickly figure your batting average for you.

Batting Average Calculator

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