Gender Predictor

Chinese Gender Predictor and Calculator

Our gender predictor is based on the ancient Chinese gender chart, and is an interesting way to try to plan whether you will have a boy a girl. The chart uses the age of the mother and time of conception to predict the gender of the child. This was important in Chinese culture because of the value put on male offspring. The Chinese believed that males were much more valuable than females and therefore developed a gender predictor to insure a boy at childbirth.

The Chinese gender chart is believed to have been buried in an ancient royal tomb over 700 years ago. It was discovered by a Chinese scientist who drew the chart from which our calculator is based. It is based upon the woman’s lunar age and the month in which the conception occurred. The chart boasts to be accurate over 90% of the time, but cannot be proven by the scientific method to be accurate. According to many scientists there are other important variables that go into gender prediction, but this gender calculator should be better than a 50/50 guess.

To use the gender predictor simply select your lunar age at the time of conception along with the month of conception. Our calculator will save you from having to read the Chinese gender chart correctly. You might not want to start picking out baby clothes and colors based on this chart’s forecast, but it will be a fun place to start. It is also interesting to check your mother’s information to see if your gender matches what is predicted on the chart.

Gender Predictor

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