Shoe Size Conversion

Shoes Sizes Conversion

Our shoe size conversion calculator can quickly and easily convert your shoe size to the equivalent size for another part of the world. Many countries use different measurements for shoe sizing. To calculate a shoe size conversion you need to know your shoe size in your resident country or be able to measure your foot. This calculator can convert to and from the following regions of the world: US, UK, Europe, Australia, Mexico, Korea, and Japan. The data in this calculator is based upon popular shoe size conversion charts.

For example, say you find yourself on vacation in England and you find a pair of shoes your husband can’t live without but he’s not with you. While he might be an 11 US size, his shoe size in the UK will be different – enter our shoe size conversion calculator. This calculator can also be very beneficial for anyone who buys shoes online.

Of course, all shoe companies are going to have some variance in their shoe sizes and some may not fit the same. This conversion calculator will give you a good idea of what size should work, but it is always recommended to try the shoes on and make sure they fit properly when possible.

To use the shoe size converter simply choose what country or region you wan to convert from in the drop down menu and select the region you are converting to. Next, choose the closest available shoe size and click “Calculate.” Our calculator will quickly and automatically convert the shoe size for you.

Shoe Size Conversion Calculator

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