Gas Mileage Calculator

Gas Mileage CalculatorThe gas mileage calculator will help you calculate how many miles your vehicle will drive per gallon of gas used. Often times people try to estimate their gas mileage, or miles per gallon (MPG), by using the fuel gauge on the instrument panel. This is a fairly unreliable method to calculate your mileage and it will not be an accurate representation of your automobile’s true fuel economy.

To easily calculate your gas mileage, start by filling up your vehicle with fuel. Allow the pump to fill the vehicle automatically until it shuts itself off, as long your vehicle has that feature. Next, reset your trip odometer or record the current mileage on your regular odometer. Try to drive the vehicle normally, as long as you possibly can before filling up again. The closer to empty the fuel gauge ends before your next fill up, the more accurate the end result will be. Once it’s time to fill up the vehicle again, repeat the original procedure of allowing the gas pump to automatically shut itself off when it reaches maximum capacity.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure to record the number of gallons you put into the car on your final fill up and record the total mileage you drove through the life of the previous tank. You record the mileage you drove by either recording the trip odometer reading or by subtracting the initial regular odometer reading minus the new final odometer reading. By inputting these numbers below, our gas mileage calculator will compute how many miles per gallon your vehicle is averaging over a full tank of gas. In addition, if you fill in the field for how much you paid per gallon, the calculator will also show you your fuel cost per mile driven.

It’s important to note that usually your vehicle will get better gas mileage on the interstate versus driving around town, due to the stop and go style of driving in the city. When the engine is accelerating or is in low gears, it will generally use more fuel and lower your miles per gallon. If you notice your MPG decreasing, you may need new tires. Retailers who stock major brands will be able to help you find any possible leaks.

Gas Mileage Calculator

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