Volume Calculator

Volume CalculatorOur volume calculator can calculate the volume for many basic shapes such as: cone, cube, cylinder, ellipsoid, irregular prism, pyramid, rectangular prism, and a sphere. Remembering the volume formulas for all of these shapes can be extremely difficult. Let our calculator do the complex formulas for you to ensure an accurate reading.

Volume is generally thought of as the three dimensional space an object holds or occupies, as oppose to area which is a two dimensional value. An easy way to think about volume is to visualize a measuring cup. When you measure out a cup of water for your favorite recipe, the volume of the water is one cup. If you are trying to figure the volume of another shape simply think of volume as the amount of water, or other substance, that will fit into the container. When thinking about the volume of solid figures, think about how much water the shape would displace when completely submerged.

Formulas for most common rectangular shapes are as simple as multiplying the length times the width times the height. Since all sides on a cube are the same, you can simply multiply a side to the third power or X3, where X is the length of a side. When dealing with shapes that involve a curved side the use of pi (π) is needed to multiply the sides in each particular formula. Some of the more complex shapes involve the use of calculus to calculate the volume.

To use our volume calculator simply select the shape for the object you are using and enter the required measurements. You can also select the unit type you are using to simplify things for you. If you are using the calculator for math homework, it would greatly benefit you to understand how the formulas work and make sure you understand them. Then you can use our calculator to make sure you are calculating them correctly.

Volume Calculator

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