Pregnancy Calculators

Pregnancy Calculators

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant already, this is an exciting and life changing time! There are so many things to plan and prepare for and lots of questions to be answered. It’s suggested that you write these things down as you will soon be forgetting everything!

If you are trying to get pregnant, you might be wondering about when you are most fertile and how to figure out the best days for trying to conceive. You’re probably somewhat familiar with the term ovulation as it relates to pregnancy. When ovulating, your egg travels from the ovary, down the fallopian tube and is then available for fertilization. For most women, ovulation occurs between the eleventh and twenty-first day of their menstrual cycle. Although, ovulation can occur at different times each month; this makes keeping track of your monthly cycle significantly important when trying to conceive. It’s also important to remember that stress, illness or even a change in your normal routine can affect your ovulation. Check out the ovulation calculator to help you determine your best chance for conception.

If you’re already pregnant, congratulations! It’s a whole new world and will only change even more once your little one is here. Find out your expected due date with our due date calculator. By knowing the anticipated date of arrival, you can better prepare and plan for your baby. On average, the duration for a normal pregnancy is 38 weeks or 40 weeks from your last menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy is divided into three terms, first, second and third trimester. There are several changes that will take place in each trimester. Among morning sickness and heartburn, your growing belly will be one of the most evident! You may be wondering about your changing body and how many pounds you will or should gain. Every woman and pregnancy is different, but there are standards by which to gauge your pregnancy weight gain. Find out how much weight you should gain by using the weight gain calculator.

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