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Health can be defined as the overall well-being of an individual. Often times when we think of health we think of merely physical welfare. Sometimes we think if we are not sick, then we are healthy. Physical health is important, but it is only one aspect of a person’s overall well-being. A person’s overall health can be measured by their physical, mental, and social wellness.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a continuous struggle. Here are a few tips to consider when considering ways to improve your health. An active social life is a proven aspect of a person’s overall health. Chemicals released by the brain have been linked to intelligence and personality traits. A person needs at least 30 minutes of of strenuous physical activity 3 times a week to maintain healthy weight. In order to loose weight a person needs to engage in physical activity for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.

Good personal hygiene is an important factor in your overall health. Washing your hands, bathing, and keeping yourself clean keep bacteria and infections from causing you to become sick. If possible, get involved in a wellness program at your place of employment. These programs can help notify you of unhealthy habits in your lifestyle, and periodic medical tests for the program can help you keep track of your body’s vital statistics. In this section you will find numerous health calculators to assist you with keeping tabs on your overall health.

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