Area Calculator

Area CalculatorOur area calculator will calculate the area or surface area for many common shapes. Whether you are needing to find the area of a rhombus for your math homework or the area covered in your flower bed, our area calculator takes all the complicated computations out of the equation.

Area, sometimes referred to as surface area, is a two-dimensional measurement of a shape on a plane. Typically, calculating the area of many rectangular shapes is done by multiplying the two sides of the shape together. However, when dealing with circular shapes or objects with many sides and angles, calculating the area can be very confusing. Calculating the area of curved shapes can even involve the use of calculus. Remembering the formulas for each of those unique shapes can be overwhelming, even for the brightest of students.

That is why we have included not only the most common shapes, but have also included as many of the most popular shapes to ensure you can figure the area for almost any shape you might encounter. Trying to compute the area of some of the more complicated figures can be extremely challenging; we have simplified everything for you with our easy to use calculator.

To calculate the area of any of the shapes listed in the drop down menu, simply choose which shape you are dealing with first. Next, you can choose what type of length units you are using. Our calculator will automatically provide the appropriate form fields needed to correctly calculate the area of whatever object you have chosen. Simply enter the measurements and click “calculate” and our area calculator will quickly and easily provide the answer for you.

Area Calculator

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